April 2019. Debut full length album. Produced by Rich Brotherton in Austin, TX.

Lyrics and credits available in the album booklet.

This would not have been possible without my entire album fundraising community. Special thanks to The Zuelkes, Brian Wolfsohn, Casey Walsh & Mark Cady, Leah Smith & Augie Feder, Steve Schoenig & Carol Hillhouse, Keith & Linda Schoendoerrfer, Eve Ruff, Jesikah Maria Ross & Thom Sterling, Pamela Ronald, Susie Rafferty Glad, Kit Pappenheimer, Steve Nurse, Alice Noyes, The McGovern Critchfields, The Mayer Jacks, Danny Mayer & Esha Shanbhogue, Barbara Mayer, Brad Mager, Scott Mackdanz, Steve Koepp, Betsy Kingery, Reggie Kenner, Judi & Ron Hosking, Rita Hosking & Sean Feder, Lorraine Hendriksen, Julie Haney & Bill Dakin, Lucy Haislip & John Laird, The Greenfields, Randye Green, The Graff Kendalls, Ruth Goldman, Marguerite Fleming, Elaine Fingerett, Paul Feder & Ginny Anderson, Rochelle Ereman, Stephen Dupraw, Michael & Sofie De Nardi, Mike Craige, Dirrane Cove, Phil Collins, Robin Cassel, Eli Cassel, Andy Cassel, Bob Brundage, Gwyn Bruch, Pauline Broberg, Gioia Berlin, and Kathy Barwick 


2017. Five songs, just kora and her guitar. Engineered at Foxtail Sound in Dixon, CA.

Lyrics available here


Kora is featured as a co-writer, singer and instrumentalist (banjo, mandolin, guitar) on these Rita Hosking records: 

For Real (2018) 

Frankie and the No-Go Road (2015) 

Little Boat (2013) 

Live in the 16 to 1 Mine (2010) 

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Review of Little Boat: 

"short but oh so sweet, lean and lovely set of seven songs introducing the Californian's claw hammer banjo playing daughter, Kora Feder, 18, who is blessed with mum's unerring delicacy of touch." - UK’s Daily Mirror





Limited live cut vinyl by Leesta Vall available only at live shows



Sometimes people pay me to write songs for them.   Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, just because....   

Email korafeder.booking@gmail.com to learn more!

Photo by Will Allen-Dupraw

Photo by Will Allen-Dupraw


Kora wrote and played the music for the podcast American Wasteland, as well as this ad for El Cambio Trading Company, and parts of the children's story app Hiro Stories.   More random cool stuff to come, and always open to collaboration proposals!