Telluride Troubadour! 

Wow, honored and excited to be one of the 10 finalists in the Telluride Troubadour songwriting contest!!  I’ve been looking for a reason to attend this festival, and this sure is a great one. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 2.05.18 PM.png

See other finalists and more about the festival competition:

Kerrville Folk Finalist! 

I’m so excited to head to Texas as a finalist (32 finalists out of over 600 entries!!!) at the Kerrville Folk Festival’s annual songwriting competition.  This festival is a Mecca in the song world, so it’s huge honor, and most of all a great excuse to go camp out in Texas for a weekend!  If you have friends in the San Antonio/Austin area, tell them to come check it out for a day or a weekend!

Check out the other finalists, and the festival itself here:

Limited Edition Live Vinyl 

I went into the studio with Leesta Vall Sound Recordings on Jan 16th here in Brooklyn and did 20 one-song performances. All of the takes were cut live, directly to a 7” lathe cut vinyl record, so each disc is completely unique. These 20 records are for sale here, and I’ll have a few at my next live shows until they’re gone. You get to choose which song and take you want! Some old songs, some new. Check it out   #vinyliscool

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.56.35 AMScreen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.56.51 AM

7 Hours: New video shot on location 

Amidst shooting for another music video that will come out in 2018, we took advantage of amazing acoustics to do a live one-take video of a song I’ve never recorded before.  I wrote it in the Beijing airport in 2016, and it’s one of my favorite songs to do live.  The video was taken at Silo City in Buffalo, NY by students in a Buff State production class (see credits in video for names of these beyond cool people), led by executive producer and professor, Dr. Ruth Goldman.

Bonus points if you turn it up and listen to the geese!

Solo show in Winters, CA! June 2 


Come hang out and listen to a rare set of original Kora songs and stories while she’s back on the West coast for a brief bit, hosted at the stunning Villa De Nardi, 6 miles west of Winters on a hilly knoll with sweeping 360º views. Not to be missed!!

Friday, June 2nd, 2017
Guests may begin arriving at 7pm, music will start at 8.
Suggested donation: $20
Outdoor show, sunset included.
If you’d like, bring your own beer/wine and/or a dish to share.

Please RSVP to Michael at to secure a spot and get directions to the venue.

For more about the venue, go to

Summer 2016 Update 

I’m home for most of the summer after an outstanding, outrageous, wonderful junior year of college.  I was chased to sitar class by a water buffalo in India, accidentally serenaded an old Taiwanese man in the middle of a rice paddy in a village in Taiwan, did walking meditation at a Buddhist monastery near the Burmese border in Thailand with 12 year old novice monks, star gazed in the middle of the woods at a Karen village in the mountains of Thailand, studied genocide and post conflict resolution in the ever-interesting and beautiful Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, listened to and admired street musician after street musician everyday for 3 months in Florence, Italy, threw up two 8 rupee samosas at the place where Buddha found enlightenment, wrote essays in cafes, pizza places, malls, piazzas, beaches, river banks, hostels and rocks, sat in the cave where Buddha meditated for 7 years, made some really wonderful friends, and wrote a lot of songs that I am really excited to put on an album after I graduate! 

I have one year of school left, and I will spend the first half of it teaching songwriting workshops around Thailand while working on my senior thesis, and the second half of it finishing up my degree in Brooklyn, NY.   

This summer I’ll be playing a few shows with my parents, as an accompanist as well as playing a couple of my own songs during the shows.  I’ll also be doing a solo set as the opening act at a show in Ontario, Canada in August.  

Accompanist to Rita Hosking:

June 18     Davis Music Festival    – Davis, CA 

July 15      CA World Fest  – Nevada City, CA

July 23      Fifth Street Farms   – Berkeley, CA 

Solo opening act:

August 4   Hilton Town Hall   – Hilton Beach, Ontario Canada 

Also, I recorded one of my newest songs at my desktop at home with my dad’s old Gibson electric, and it’s available for purchase on Bandcamp and streamable on SoundCloud as well! 

I hope your summer is fabulous, you shall be hearing more from me in a year when I graduate and have more time to dedicate to music!!

Thanks for the support and I hope you have a fabulous summer!!

xx 🙂 


New Songs & Traveling 

Hello! 你好!

I had an amazing time studying and living in China for four months this year!  I got back in May and hopped straight from the San Francisco airport into my parents’ car which was headed to LA to play a couple shows.  In a tired state I awkwardly said “ni hao” (“hello” in Mandarin) to a confused crowd. It was great to be performing and playing with my parents again!  I’ve had the pleasure of playing a few more shows over the summer as part of my mom’s band, including Sierra Nevada’s Big Room, CBA’s Fathers Day Festival, and The Strawberry Music Festival’s Sunday Revival.  At the revival, my mom and I also did an impromptu couple songs with the awe-inspiring songwriter and performer Sam Baker. 

I am continuing the pursuit of my undergraduate degree in Global Studies, which means I have two more exciting years left before I graduate.  I’ll be spending next fall semester studying comparative religion and culture in Turkey, India and Thailand, and I’ll be in Italy for the spring of 2016.  I’m already excited about the songs that have come out of my time abroad. I can’t wait to write more, and eventually put a collection of them on a record.  The songs I’ve written so far range from a look at cultural tourism from the perspective of a Nakhi person in the rugged mountainous region of southwestern China, to a 20 year old American lost in a sea of big ponderful life questions.  

Here’s that first one I mentioned. I wrote this after spending time in southwestern China in a town called Lijiang. China’s cultural tourism has turned 1000 year old stone homes belonging to the Nakhi people (an ethnic minority of China) into bars, clubs, restaurants, key chain shops, clothing stores, etc etc etc.

December Shows 

Not only will my December consist of turning 20, packing for China, and singing about Santa and dreidels, I’m also lucky enough to get to play some fun shows!

12/6: Palms Playhouse, Winters, CA – SOLO opening for Misner & Smith   (Facebook Event Page)

12/12: House Concert, Grass Valley, CA – as part of Rita Hosking Trio

12/22: Veterans Memorial Theater, Davis, CA – ‘Home For The Holidays‘ annual multi-act holiday show fundraising for arts in the Davis schools, with Rita Hosking