I'm making a new album and I need your help!


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$10 - A download of the album 

$30 - A download, a signed CD and an awesome sticker 

$50 - A handwritten postcard + all of the above 

$75 - Three handwritten postcards from me over the course of the next year + all of the above 

$100 or above - Your name in the album liner notes* and on the album page of my website forever + all of the above  

$500 or above - a postcard a month for a year + all of the above + my gratitude to the moon and back five hundred times 

$1000 or above - When the time and place works, I will take you out for lunch and delightful conversation + all of the above + gratitude to the moon and back a thousand times 

If you’d rather not receive thank you gifts (for instance, you don’t want a physical CD 'cause you don’t got no place to play it, or you just hate accumulating stuff), please just let me know and I won't send you things.

* If you donated after January 15th, you missed the album liner notes cutoff, but you'll still be in the thank you's on the website album page 


I am SO excited to have just made a brand new album with legendary musician and producer Rich Brotherton.   We recorded in Austin, TX in October and have been emailing parts, mixes and musings back and forth for months since.  We just finished it this January.  It’s twelve new songs, and I am overwhelmed with excitement to share it with you. So the music is done, the graphics are in process, I’ve chosen a manufacturer, and what I’m working on now is in some ways the hardest part: getting it to the people! 

I want this record to be heard, and to do that these days you basically have to hire an agency or person who has contacts and pull with music magazines, playlist makers, distributors, radio people, etc.  In order to bypass social media algorithms and get listeners to see and hear about stuff on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve gotta buy ads.  It’s money, money, luck, and money. 

If I were going to make bank on this record once it’s out and being listened to, I wouldn’t be asking for help.  But, the reality is that that companies like Spotify and Apple Music give less than a cent per play to musicians. Most fans don’t want to buy CD’s anymore, understandably, so the recorded music income is sparse unless you are getting millions of streams. 

Thanks to generous supporters over the last 6 months, I’ve raised enough to pay for most of the heavy lifting, but there’s still a little ways to go. If you're interested in being a part of the project, there's still time.  Thank you, and I cannot wait to share the music soon.     Xxoo - Kora 

Here’s the budget:

Recording, mixing and mastering  ~ $10,000 

Travel to and from Austin + lodging ~ $500

Graphics & Manufacturing for one thousand CDs ~ $2500 

Distribution, Copyright, Misc. ~ $100

Marketing, Press, Radio Promotion ~ at least $2,500.  Realistically it will be more than this, but this would be an amazing start. 


Amount raised so far: $12,627

The total is updated at least once a day!

Photo by Eli Cassel

Photo by Eli Cassel

Thanks for reading and considering!  If you've already chipped in, my love for you is as true as my love for this baby goat! 

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out on my contact page.







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