by Grace Finlayson

“For the winter wanderer, either walking to work, walking elsewhere or walking nowhere with purpose, Feder is running the inn which always has a light on – regardless of weather or season. ‘Come all you fickled fellows drink your sorrow away tonight’ she sings, her voice dancing with all the sincerity and guile of the sober scholar.” – Craig Reviews Music

If you’ve been to places like China, India, Thailand or Italy in the last couple years, you may have seen Kora Feder with her backpack and guitar in hand. Wielding computers, cameras and chords, she just completed her Global Studies degree, as well as a collection of unique and powerful songs. Kora recounts the colorful, poverty stricken streets of Varanasi, India to the mountains and refugee camps of Northern Thailand; the hobos of European train stations to 1000 year old homes in Southwestern China. Feder’s music encourages the listener to reflect on both oneself and the bigger world, while enjoying stories told through the thoughtful lens of a young, poetic and bold songwriter.

“I pin my hopes for the future upon musicians such as this.” – Frank Gutch Jr., Music Reviewer

“Feder’s voice is striking. It is soft and feminine yet strong and haunting…her songs reminded me of Paul Simon which is impressive, to say the least.” – Divide & Conquer

“Kora is wise beyond her years…everyone listening was blown away.” – Bill Wagman, KDVS DJ & Concert Host

“I need a whole CD of Kora songs just as soon as I can get them!” – Rachel Harrington, Singer-Songwriter

“The way that Kora is able to take her international experiences and turn them into such beautiful pieces of art baffles me. She is more than a musician, she is a great poet. It’s impossible not to cry while listening to her songs, she is a master songstress and I envy and applaud her gift.” – Alexander Joseph, Poet 

Kora is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer. From age 5 she trained in Suzuki violin with Florie Brown (Golden Bough) and performed with classical, old-time and Gypsy fiddling groups with teacher Angela Kost in Davis, California FullSizeRender 7. Along the way her aptitude for strings has applied to many different instruments, including claw-hammer banjo, guitar and mandolin.

At age 15 she began performing with her parents, and by 17 she was co-writing and playing on her mom (Rita Hosking)’s 5th studio CD, Little Boat, which has been described as, “short but oh so sweet, lean and lovely set of seven songs introducing the Californian’s claw hammer banjo playing daughter, Kora Feder, 18, who is blessed with mum’s unerring delicacy of touch.” – UK’s Daily Mirror.

Kora has appeared on stages across the United States and United Kingdom at such places as The Strawberry Music Festival, California WorldFest, RiceGrass, and American River Music Festival.  She performs both as an accompanist and solo artist.


by Grace Finlayson

Recently graduating with a degree in Global Studies, Kora has spent that last few years living and writing music abroad while writing essays, taking classes, and most recently leading songwriting workshops in border regions of Thailand. Between semesters she managed to tour and record with her parents and as a solo act, and in August of 2017 she released her debut EP of five original songs, Marigolds.  The 5-track has received glowing reviews, described as “a melodic salutation to all that is neglected and forgotten by a world at the mercy of Father Time; the carefully conceived work of a thoroughly engaging and exceptionally capable storyteller” (A Lonely Ghost Burning).