Summer 2016 Update

I’m home for most of the summer after an outstanding, outrageous, wonderful junior year of college.  I was chased to sitar class by a water buffalo in India, accidentally serenaded an old Taiwanese man in the middle of a rice paddy in a village in Taiwan, did walking meditation at a Buddhist monastery near the Burmese border in Thailand with 12 year old novice monks, star gazed in the middle of the woods at a Karen village in the mountains of Thailand, studied genocide and post conflict resolution in the ever-interesting and beautiful Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, listened to and admired street musician after street musician everyday for 3 months in Florence, Italy, threw up two 8 rupee samosas at the place where Buddha found enlightenment, wrote essays in cafes, pizza places, malls, piazzas, beaches, river banks, hostels and rocks, sat in the cave where Buddha meditated for 7 years, made some really wonderful friends, and wrote a lot of songs that I am really excited to put on an album after I graduate! 

I have one year of school left, and I will spend the first half of it teaching songwriting workshops around Thailand while working on my senior thesis, and the second half of it finishing up my degree in Brooklyn, NY.   

This summer I’ll be playing a few shows with my parents, as an accompanist as well as playing a couple of my own songs during the shows.  I’ll also be doing a solo set as the opening act at a show in Ontario, Canada in August.  

Accompanist to Rita Hosking:

June 18     Davis Music Festival    – Davis, CA 

July 15      CA World Fest  – Nevada City, CA

July 23      Fifth Street Farms   – Berkeley, CA 

Solo opening act:

August 4   Hilton Town Hall   – Hilton Beach, Ontario Canada 

Also, I recorded one of my newest songs at my desktop at home with my dad’s old Gibson electric, and it’s available for purchase on Bandcamp and streamable on SoundCloud as well! 

I hope your summer is fabulous, you shall be hearing more from me in a year when I graduate and have more time to dedicate to music!!

Thanks for the support and I hope you have a fabulous summer!!

xx 🙂