New Songs & Traveling

Hello! 你好!

I had an amazing time studying and living in China for four months this year!  I got back in May and hopped straight from the San Francisco airport into my parents’ car which was headed to LA to play a couple shows.  In a tired state I awkwardly said “ni hao” (“hello” in Mandarin) to a confused crowd. It was great to be performing and playing with my parents again!  I’ve had the pleasure of playing a few more shows over the summer as part of my mom’s band, including Sierra Nevada’s Big Room, CBA’s Fathers Day Festival, and The Strawberry Music Festival’s Sunday Revival.  At the revival, my mom and I also did an impromptu couple songs with the awe-inspiring songwriter and performer Sam Baker. 

I am continuing the pursuit of my undergraduate degree in Global Studies, which means I have two more exciting years left before I graduate.  I’ll be spending next fall semester studying comparative religion and culture in Turkey, India and Thailand, and I’ll be in Italy for the spring of 2016.  I’m already excited about the songs that have come out of my time abroad. I can’t wait to write more, and eventually put a collection of them on a record.  The songs I’ve written so far range from a look at cultural tourism from the perspective of a Nakhi person in the rugged mountainous region of southwestern China, to a 20 year old American lost in a sea of big ponderful life questions.  

Here’s that first one I mentioned. I wrote this after spending time in southwestern China in a town called Lijiang. China’s cultural tourism has turned 1000 year old stone homes belonging to the Nakhi people (an ethnic minority of China) into bars, clubs, restaurants, key chain shops, clothing stores, etc etc etc.